About HybridLight Fundraising

Our products a warranted against all defects in material, workmanship, and manufacturer defects. Excludes abuse, batteries, and accidents. Limited only to replacement of this product. If you are having any problem with the light, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@hybridlight.com and we will assist you.
No minimums or undisclosed fees. Generally, orders are taken first from supporters and then delivered by your members, BUT we do support “show and sell”(product‐in‐hand sales) and can guide you as to what to order for this purpose. Please contact one of our dedicated consultants to get you started by calling 435.674.4700.
Typically, a troop with a size of 30 individuals with a 75% participation rate can retain $10,000. See attached selling flyers for details regarding your troop profit, prizes etc. Troops that are successful are doing multiple types of sales (i.e. D2D, Storefronts, Expos, trade shows, etc.).
About 3-4 business days after all orders are entered for you to receive the products.
FREE shipping on all group orders. There is a surcharge for residential delivery of $5.00 per online order.
Hybridlight exceptional quality, durability, performance, and great value is amazing as a useful product. You will be fundraising at or below MSRP, no inflated pricing. We work hard to make sure your supporters do not feel like they are getting ripped off! We believe in delivering excellent quality at a fair value, enticing your supporters to return for more. That’s what we’re all about!
No risk – if you have extra lights left over from your sale just simply call our office and request a shipping label. Let us know how many lights you have left over and ship it! Upon receipt, we will inspect packaging and refund any monies you might have paid upfront on your order. Call office for details. There is no risk with any of your monies and we take great care and go the extra mile to truly have this be a “ONE and DONE FUNDRAISER!”
This is all done for you, down to the seller level. You’ll get a report with your invoice telling you who sold what and how much they raised.
Yes, we do! You can order anything you’d like ahead of time and make and estimate 50% profit just like a traditional fundraiser. Any products you have left over can be used to fulfill your in-person order form sales. Our dedicated fundraising support consultants can advise you on the best selection/mix of items.
Yes, we can mail samples. Please request online or call our office at 435.674.4700. Please also provide an address to mail the sample. A fee may be required based upon how many samples you may need.

Checks will only be sent for offline sales. When ordered, we will ship the inventory and invoice at the wholesale price. Address will be on the invoice to send a check. Address is 566 N Dixie Drive, St George, UT 84770.

About starting my fundraiser

Immediately. Just register and tell us when you would like to distribute the order forms (start date) and end date (when you’d like to conclude in‐person selling). Online fundraising will be activated automatically, and you’ll receive a special link to a web page for your group.
On the 15th of every month HybridLight will cut a check to your organization for your share of the profit. A report can be sent anytime for your organizational sales plus the online sales tool on your mini site which you can see real time.
Having a plan to get your group out to sell is very important. Objectives and incentives for sellers do work when done properly. We will give you some ideas. Selling time?…We suggest 4-8 weeks. Everything else is ready, (forms, selling instructions, order system, fulfillment, and reporting).
You will be sent a series of emails with detailed instructions on what to do next!
When you order products in full cases, you earn the largest profit for your fundraiser. While we prefer your orders to be in full cases, due to ease of shipping and inventory management, it is not required.

The Journey 250 Black: 50 per case

The Journey 250 Yellow: 50 per case

The PUC 150 Yellow: 50 per case

The NAV Headlamp: 24 per case

You must place your order before noon central time by Friday, December 11. Orders placed afterward will have expedited shipping charges to arrive in time for Christmas.
Orders are shipped via FedEx and USPS.
We accept checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, AMEX & Discover). Please make all checks and money orders payable to Hybridlight, LLC. Please call our office for any upfront payment plan options to help you get started.
Call the office for details and we can ship rewards weekly. Let’s keep your group motivated!

About HybridLight Products

The Journey 250: 7hrs on High, 37hrs on low. 
The Puc 150: 8hrs on High, 40hrs on low. 
The Nav Headlamp: 5hrs on High, 15hrs on low. 
The Journey 600: 6hrs on High, 35hrs on low. 
The Atlas 600: 5hrs on High, 20hrs on Medium, 100hrs on low. 
The Atlas Fire: 5hrs on High, 20hrs on Medium, 100hrs on low. 175hrs on Campfire Mode. 
The Mammoth: Area:5hrs on High, 80hrs on low.
Flashlight: 15hrs on High, 80hrs on low.
The Hex: Area: 8hrs on High, 60hrs on low. 
Flashlight: 10hrs on High. 
The Journey 250: 4hrs on Rapid Charge; about 13hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
The Puc 150: 3hrs on Rapid Charge; about 13hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
The Nav Headlamp: 2hrs on Rapid Charge; No Solar Outlet
The Journey 600: 6hrs on Rapid Charge; about 20hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
The Atlas 600: 4hrs on Rapid Charge; about 20hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
The Atlas Fire: 4hrs on Rapid Charge; about 20hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
The Mammoth: 6hrs on Rapid Charge or Outlet Charging; about 24hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
The Hex: 6hrs on Rapid Charge; about 13hrs on Solar (depends on light intensity/quality)
Our lights charge as fast as most normal USB chargers.

The Journey 250, Journey 600, Atlas 600, and Atlas 600 Fire are Waterproof and float; the NAV, PUC 150, the Mammoth, and Hex speaker are Water Resistant.

For HybridLight Products, that is correct. Never buy a battery again!

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